Homeless In Brighton: 'One in 69 people are homeless'

12 December 2016, 00:00

One in 69 people in Brighton and Hove are homeless and just one in three of us are a single paycheque away from losing our homes.

Government figures analysed by the charity Shelter reveal that the city has the worst rate for homelessness outside London and is worse than some boroughs in the capital. 

The government says it does not recognise the figures, but is investing more than 500 million pounds on homelessness.

In 2015 Brighton and Hove City Council found there was a 6 percent rise in the number of people using homeless services in the area.

In March 2015 a count carried out by homelessness charities and the City Council identified 132 men and women who were sleeping rough. 

Sally* is currently homeless in Brighton after splitting up with her partner:


Photography courtesy of Valeria Keller and Press Association

For more information on how to help a homeless person click here or contact charities in your area.

*Names have been changed to protect people's identities