''Kids Not Commuters'' Rally

Parents say ''We believe that every child in Brighton & Hove should have access to quality local education.

''What we don't believe is that the council's new proposals for secondary school admissions that include wide catchment areas and tiebreaks for popular schools based on a lottery, not distance, will do anything to improve the situation.


These would split Brighton & Hove children from their friends and the local kids they’ve grown up with. Many would be faced with 10-mile return trips to school at peak hours in our already congested city.

We are campaigning for Brighton & Hove children to have access to their local community schools - and not be bussed across the city to areas they are unfamiliar with and potentially with none of their friends.

The engagement phase comes to an end this Sunday 1st May so we don't have long to make a difference. Please join us in taking action.

- Sign and share the petition.
- Join us at the Kids Not Commuters rally at the top of Blakers Park at 4pm on Wednesday 27th April.
- Email your comments to SecondaryAdm2018@brighton-hove.gov.uk


The chair of the council’s cross party school organisation working group is Councillor Daniel Chapman. He said: “We are currently holding an engagement exercise to get people’s views on the general principles of how they think secondary school catchment areas should work in future.


“Residents have until Sunday 1 May to give us their views. We’ve held public meetings in venues across the city and heard a wide range of views, and there are more meetings to come before the deadline.


“The three options we have put forward are not intended to be a street-by-street guide. They are suggestions to get people thinking about what sort of catchment area system they would prefer.


“We also want to see whether we can make more schools more accessible to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


“For further information, including a question and answer section, please visit the council’s website at www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/schooladmissions, where you also give your views.


“The feedback we get from this engagement exercise will help us draw up concrete proposals on a street-by-street basis that will be subject of a formal consultation process in the autumn.


“No admissions system will please all parents, but our aim above all is to arrive at a new system that is as fair as possible to as many parents and children on a city-wide basis.” ENDS