Memory Loss Man

26 February 2010, 18:34

The mystery surrounding the identity of a man found unconscious and freezing on Brighton beach was solved when his fiancee stepped forward identifying him as being from London.


The man sparked a nationwide appeal for help in identifying him - he has now been told he is a 6-year-old from the capital.

A passer-by found him unconscious and soaking wet on a beach in Brighton between the Palace Pier and the Marina on February 12. It is not known how long he lay there for but he had hypothermia and was admitted to the city's Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Sussex Police said his fiancee saw newspaper reports about his plight and travelled from the capital to Brighton to identify him.

A police spokesman said: ``Having made inquiries and considered all the circumstances we are satisfied that this is so.'' His family have been informed but no permission was given to publicise his identity, police said.

Inspector Roy Apps, who led the inquiry, said: ``We are grateful to the media for the publicity which has resulted in our solving this mystery.''

The man remains in hospital while doctors consider whether he needs any further treatment. Earlier police said he is in a fragile state but is physically recovering well.