Newhaven Port regeneration plans

3 April 2012, 10:59 | Updated: 3 April 2012, 14:45

Comments on the final plans for the proposed Railway Quarter regeneration in Newhaven are welcomed from the general public.

The regeneration project aims to generate hundreds more local jobs through both it’s construction and opening if planning permission is granted this May.

The scheme includes an improved entrance to Newhaven Port, enhanced passenger facilities and a new ferry terminal building.

Improved parking facilities and a new transport interchange will also be introduced during the regeneration, providing a better connection to the Town Centre.

A new food store will be built along the riverside, which is set to be leased by Tesco. The store alone is expected to provide around 350 new jobs for local residents.

In addition to these improvements, the project boasts to restore vacant Marine Workshops and Carpenter’s Shop buildings and create a brand new public riverside boardwalk. 

A CGI image has been released to show the public how the proposed riverside will look.

If permission is approved, construction of the project will start as soon as contracts are agreed, meaning the services should be complete and open to all in 2014.