NHS Festive Films

As the party season gets under way, the NHS has launched two festive funny films encouraging sensible use of A&E and sensible drinking.

With the NHS preparing for some of its busiest nights of the year, the films highlight the dangers of drink-related injuries and incorrect use of services.

In the first film, an increasingly-aggravated businessman is forced to listen as a woman lists the drink-related injuries ailing others in the waiting room. Despite her disgust at their excesses, she sees nothing wrong with expecting doctors to perform the 'public service' of cutting up her oversized frozen turkey using their powerful clinical saws.

In the second video, friends of young man, Rick, are enjoying a drinking game in the cafe, but it is only when Rick himself arrives that you see they are actually in an A&E waiting room. The drinking game has already gone wrong for him and doctors can only advise him to wait until the black marker pen on his forehead wears off. All of the characters? stories are based on real-life cases.

Paramedics and A&E staff will face their busiest time of the year over the next two weeks. Around 40% of all A&E attendances are for alcohol-related injuries and illnesses. And at Christmas, alcohol-related A&E attendances increase dramatically.