No Tech For Breck Day In Memory Of Murdered Teen

7 February 2017, 06:25 | Updated: 7 February 2017, 06:27

Breck Bednar

The mother of a schoolboy from Redhill who was murdered by a man who met him online - launches No Tech For Breck Day.

Kids from around 30 schools across Surrey will be putting down their tablets, phones and other gadgets for 24 hours. In memory of Breck who was killed in 2014. Breck's mum Lorin LaFave says it's also about raising awareness about internet safety.

 She told Heart: ''We are launching this Awareness Fundraiser to help promote safe and moderate use of technology by young and old people alike. In today's world, so much of what we do online not only offers opportunities and helps us to be efficient and communicate more readily, but overuse can also cause loss of quality free time, relaxation, sound sleep and used without education and caution can become a danger. 

In our efforts to raise awareness of the very real dangers our young people face online every day from online bullies and predators, we hope to see schools, family and friends have a day off technology between today and 17th February, the third anniversary of Breck's online grooming and murder. We encourage everyone to find ways to enjoy each other without the gadgets in our hands. Make plans the day before to meet up, go for a walk, swing on a swing, cook a meal or bake a cake together or just play board games, playing cards, or traditional games. 

Spend time 'being' and just enjoying the day together. The Breck Foundation was formed to share awareness of the dangers of online predators who may bully, groom or sexually exploit our children online through lies, persuasion, manipulation and control. Predators can say anything and be anyone behind a screen which can lead to a false sense of security. Predators will spend months or years befriending young people online until they are able to convince a child to do something they wouldn't normally do. This can happen to boy and girls, young and old, rich or poor, happy or sad, and anywhere in between. 

Predators will stop at nothing to get to the child they want. We are striving to bring about awareness so that everyone from teachers, police, social workers, health professionals, parents and children are educated on these dangers. Our mission is to empower the Digital Generation to make safer choices for themselves online.''