Parts for the i360 Arrive in Brighton

A 100 meter crane has been lifting huge cans off a barge onto Brighton seafront, as the first pieces of the i360 tower arrive in Sussex.

Barges from Holland have brought the steel cans to the site on Brighton's shoreline, which are set to go into construction of the shaft for the tallest viewing platform in the world.

Land for the i360 Tower is owned by the West Pier Trust.

Chief Executive Rachel Clarke told Heart: "This isn't any old attraction... we think it'll be successful and popular, and we think that in due course it will generate interest in rebuilding the West Pier."


It'll be 162 meters tall - 3 times as big as Nelson's Column - and will offer a bird's eye view of 26 miles of the Sussex Coastline.

Controversially Brighton & Hove City Council took out a £36 million loan to get it up and running.

Some say the money could be spent better elsewhere, but the council's Geoff Raw told Heart: "People think the money could be spent on public services - actually it can't be, it's not possible for us to use it for those purposes."

Our very own Marcella Whittingdale went down there to see what's going on: