Record Number Of Puppies Abandoned

Over the past week Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex has been inundated with unwanted puppies and dogs.

At the weekend two Lurcher puppies had been found abandoned. One in Hailsham and the other by The Wok Inn on The Broyle, Ringmer.  They were brought into Raystede by concerned members of the public.

Both were about 10 weeks old, crawling in fleas, extremely dehydrated and malnourished.

Two puppies aged 10 weeks were also handed over by a person in Eastbourne who had breed them. After realising how much it costs to look after them she decided they were no longer wanted. The rest of the litter had been sold for profit. Neither puppy had been vet checked, wormed or vaccinated (which can be done at 8 weeks).

Sunny (Golden Retriever) and Dylan (Spaniel) came to Raystede as their owners could not adequately look after them. Both arrived in quite a state of neglect. Sunny, who is 4 years old has a flea allergy and is suffering from coat loss. She is being treated with antibiotics. Both are extremely nervous and very suspicious of people. They also become obsessive with anyone who shows them affection.

Chief Executive, Nigel Mason said, 'Unfortunately, we have seen a large number of unwanted dogs and puppies being brought to Raystede recently. Abandoning animals is both cruel and illegal! There is also an unfair impact on those patiently waiting to get their pet into our rescue centre in a responsible way.'

He continued, 'Breeding dogs indiscriminately for money is totally unacceptable. You don't make any profit.  There are far too many dogs in rescue centres that are in need of good, kind, loving homes. All responsible dog owners should ensure their pets are neutered.'