Police Need Evidence From High Court For Shoreham Air Crash Investigation

22 March 2016, 16:08 | Updated: 22 March 2016, 19:29

A pre-inquest review into the Shoreham Airshow crash heard that there is a delay with the police investigation awaiting a ruling from the High Court.

Sussex Police gave a statement at the hearing to over 100 people who had turned up to the Coroners Court in Horsham.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Rymarz explained that there has been a significant delay in getting some material in the case because of the laws around investigations of incidents like this one.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch are prevented from sharing 'protected material', that's things like cockpit recorders and footage, witness accounts, expert reports and some other documents, so the police have to wait for a ruling from the High Court to see if the force can have access to this material.

It was highlighted that until the decision is made with regards to this, the police investigation cannot progress effectively, as without it, key evidence is missing and experts are not in a position to provide interpretations.

No evidence was being given at the hearing but it was hoped a date for the inquests would be set, but because of the outstanding ruling with the High Court, the coroner has to move forward with caution as a full inquest will not proceed until the CPS decides whether there will be any prosecutions relating to the crash.

11 men died when the Hawker Hunter Jet crashed in August, exactly seven months ago.

The families of those who died are seeking answers as to what caused the disaster, according to one of the lawyers representing some of the families and another lawyer for the families said they don't want corners to be cut in the investigation.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch told the court that the forth and final bulletin report on the crash is due to be released in the early summer. A report released earlier this month gave 14 recommendations to prevent another incident like Shoreham happening again.

It was revealed that there is going to be another pre-inquest review in September and a provisional date for the inquests has been set for March 2017. We were told when the inquests take place, it is expected to last 8 weeks.

Louisa Maher was there for Heart and has this report: