Smash EDO Protest

Anti-arms protesters planned to shut down a factory in Brighton which makes components for weapons on Wednesday. We look back at what happened and get Police reaction

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An interview with Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett


From Police

Arrest tally up to 40


From Police

Police officers brought in from neighbouring counties to help marshal the demonstration  have been stood down to save money as the protest dies down.

150 protestors targetted EDO ITT in Moulscoomb which makes bomb release mechanisms, some made their way into the city centre, where Police said they caused disruption by blocking roads, heading to other targets and ignoring instructions


From Police Press office

Most things have calmed down, now thought there were 20 arrests many of whom will be released when any risk of breaches of peace have diminished


From listeners

According to independent legal advisors at least 35 people have been arrested from the kettle off Lewes Road. This included one of the independent legal advisors and an attempt to arrest a press photographer.


From Police

Police now arrested everyone in the kettle (Lewes Road) for a breach of the peace, including a legal observer


From Police

All roads opened, Police will be at schools providing support

A number of protestors have made their way from the Home Farm Road area, moving from Lewes Road to London Road. They are now at The Level. Some are disrupting traffic by entering the carriageway. Roads Policing Unit officers and other police resources are with the group trying to direct them from the road.


From Smash EDO

Protestors are making their way from Lewes Road to London Road. London Road between Cheapside and Preston Circus now .

From Police

Bear Road northbound from the gyratory is currently closed due to a group of protesters in the road at that location


From Heart Reporters

Scuffles between Protestors and Police seen in Wild park; at least one man needed medical treatment


From Police

There are about 150 protestors  - about 40 who are making their way from Wild Park to the designated site, also about 50 in Bates housing estate and 40 near the university. There hasn't been any serious disorder and police would ask people not to be alarmed by the protestors or the police presence. About 30 people have congregated at the designated site.  Being there, where we have provided water and toilets, will allow them to get their message across and allow others to go about their lawful business. All local business are operating today and our aim is to allow this to continue whilst allowing the protests to take place peacefully.


From Police and reporters.

150 protestors estimated at three sites, the factory is not closed, some protestors seen in Lewes Road


From Police:

A small number of protestors are arriving in the city. The group, who were not complying with officers at Wild Park, have stopped their sit down and have dispersed.


From Police

Police are not preventing people entering Wild Park. However there is a group of about 40 people who left a squat in Stanmer Park wearing masks. They have been escorted to Wild Park by officers with an instruction to go the designated protest site, as authorised under Section 14 of Criminal Justice and Public Order Act. They are currently not complying and are sitting down. One of them has been arrested for having a bladed article.


From our Reporters

Protestors now hiding in the woods around the back of the factory, the Police helicopter is up


Statement from Smash EDO

Andrew Beckett, campaign spokesperson said "We are going to lay siege to EDO ITTs weapon manufacturing facility. We will maintain a presence all day to shut down this factory of death".


From our reporters at the scene:

Looks like Hampshire Police have been called in to provide reinforcements

The campaigners have met in Wild Park on the eastern edge of the city and are now moving towards the Home farm Industrial Estate which is guarded by mounted Police


From Sussex Police:

Officers have been briefed at Sussex Police HQ in Lewes and will shortly be leaving for locations in Brighton.

A convoy of police vehicles will be moving from Lewes, through the town centre, to Brighton on blue lights. This is to avoid the roadworks on the A27, get a large number of vehicles to Brighton in the safest way possible causing minimal disruption to local people and to ensure officers arrive together and on time at protest sites.

Brighton & Hove Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett, who is commanding today's police operation, said: "Sussex Police fully supports the right to protest peacefully. Our aim today is to provide a safe and secure environment for protesters and local residents, to minimise disruption to the local community, and to prevent crime and disorder.

"We have endeavoured to speak to the organisers of the protest - as we do with all groups that protest in the city - to discuss their intentions and help facilitate their right to free speech in a highly visible and safe way.

"Unlike most other groups and in line with their previous events, they have not been in contact. Nevertheless, we have planned thoroughly for a number of scenarios to enable local people and businesses to continue with their lawful activities while the protest goes ahead."