Surgery dad wins compensation fight

A father from Crowborough who was left paralysed after ''routine'' spinal surgery has won a three-year battle for compensation.

Phil Scudder, 50, was an avid motorbike rider before he had a decompression operation to remove a slipped disc in his back in 2011.

Mr Scudder, from Crowborough, East Sussex, believed that the procedure at the Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre in Haywards Heath, part of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, was relatively routine.

Yet when he woke from the surgery and was asked to move his legs, he found he was paralysed.

Mr Scudder is now wheelchair dependent, despite regaining 10% of the feeling in one leg.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust accepted liability during a hearing at the High Court last month.

Mr Scudder said he was ``relieved'' that the case was now settled.

He said: ``Apart from a slipped disc, I was a fit 44-year-old man with a job and hobby I loved when this happened.

``What should have been a routine operation turned into a nightmare which has ended my work, my hobby and led to the breakdown of a long-term relationship.''

He added: ``I'm relieved that I persevered in getting to the truth with the help of my lawyers and that the case is now settled so that I can get on with my life.''

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust said: ``The Trust apologises to both Mr Scudder and his family for the failures in care relating to his surgery on 8 July 2011, and the impact this has had on his life.

``We very much hope that the lawyers can now work together to achieve an early resolution of the claim and settlement for damages.''

The High Court will consider in 2018 how much compensation Mr Scudder should receive.