Take Care Of Our Hydrants

4 November 2010, 14:42 | Updated: 15 November 2010, 06:27

Farmers and agricultural contractors and are being warned to look out for hidden fire hydrants, after East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service discovered many of them accidentally damaged.

Rural areas have been particularly hard hit during a time when verges and hedges are being cut back during the ditch clearance season.

ESFRS is now calling upon contractors to take care when cutting hedges and to report any damage.

Hydrant Technician Dave Yates, said: “They may appear to be an unimportant part of the infrastructure but if they become damaged then we are unable to use them in case of an emergency and this could result in lives being loss or additional fire damage to property.”

“The problems that we are seeing are posts and plates being ripped up and knocked over and hydrant covers being damaged by tractors and heavy machinery driving over them.”

Fire Hydrant sign“We are urging contractors to look out for any fire hydrants lurking in the undergrowth, which can be spotted by a large yellow letter ‘H’ in the road or a stand alone marker post, with an ‘H’ on it, which will be adjacent to the fire hydrant.”

“If they should happen to inadvertently damage one of these then please contact us immediately and we will carry out the necessary repairs.”