'Teach The Kiss Of Life'

The British Heart Foundation are using this year’s National Kissing Day (August 2nd) to urge the government to include Emergency Life Support (ELS) in the national Curriculum and educate Brits on the most important kiss you could ever have, the kiss of life.

Over half of kids (60%) are powerless to help someone who has collapsed in the street despite three quarters (73%) wanting to be able to help. More than 4 in 5 teachers (86%) and 70% of parents believe it should be taught at school and 78% of British children even think they should be taught ELS.

14% of children from the U.K have been in an emergency situation, and 69% of parents have said that they want their child to learn ELS at school.

In Sussex, Surrey and Kent 12.66% of parents said their child had been present at a medical emergency where someone’s life was in danger, and that 75% of parents feel that Emergency Life support should be taught on the national curriculum.

On the upside 11% of children in the Sussex and surrey have been trained in ELS.

Hear our interview with Ellen Mason, Senior Cardiac Nurse with the BHF

Ellen Mason - Kiss of Life