Train Chaos Arrests

Two people have been arrested in connection with the incident in South East London which caused huge disruptions to rail services between Sussex and London earlier this week.

Around 65 metres of signalling cable was cut and stolen from the rail line in Bermondsey, leading to widespread disruption to the network around London Bridge, with 146 trains cancelled, 129 trains disrupted and 840 trains delayed.

The pair, a 39-year-old woman and 44-year-old man, both from south-east London, are being questioned by British Transport Police.

Tens of thousands of commuters suffered travel chaos when services into one of the country's busiest stations were crippled after signalling cable was stolen.

The theft in the early hours of Tuesday morning near Millwall's football ground in south east London, led to widespread disruption of services into London Bridge station.

Network Rail said the theft by "mindless thieves'' cost the company hundreds of thousands of pounds and caused severe disruption on Southern and First Capital Connect trains.

Detective Chief Inspector Alison Palmer said: ``Thanks to vital information received from the public, two people have been arrested and are currently remanded in custody whilst officers continue the investigation.

``We are very grateful for the public-spirited actions of the community who have given us some vital information in relation to the serious offences that caused so much disruption.''

Robin Gisby, Network Rail managing director of network operations, said: ``The actions of the mindless thieves who stole cable from the track approaching one of Britain's busiest stations delayed hundreds of trains and caused major disruption for thousands of people.

``Cable theft continues to be a huge issue and one which the rail industry is committed to tackling - but we can't do it alone.

``Members of the public can play a vital role by being extra eyes and ears to help catch cable thieves and we need to see the toughest possible sentences for those caught to reflect the seriousness of the crimes.''

Police are continuing to make inquiries into the incident and said they wanted to speak to anyone in the area at the time, or who has information that may assist the investigation.

Crimestoppers is offering a reward of up to £1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any cable thieves.

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Russell Spink from Network Rail