Uckfield: Biker Crashes Doing 'Wheelie'

10 February 2015, 12:33 | Updated: 10 February 2015, 12:40

See the footage below of a motorcyclist thrown from his bike near Uckfield while doing a 'wheelie.'

CCTV footage (see below) shows the moment dangerous driving at high speed by a motorcyclist could have cost him his life.

The images show Lee Oliver attempting to do a wheelie on his motorcycle at more than 70mph, losing control and being thrown from his bike into the path of a passing van.

The driver brakes immediately but Oliver is travelling so quickly that while his bike skids off the surface into undergrowth, the rider rolls and bounces along the road until he is struck by the van.

Oliver continued to slide along the road for another 15 metres past the van, which had been forced to brake so suddenly that it was struck from behind by a following car.

Both Oliver and another rider, Lee Cunningham, had cameras fitted to their bikes that recorded their journeys as well as their speedometer - meaning police officers were able to see exactly what speed they had been travelling at.

Before he crashed Oliver had reached a speed of 130mph on the Cuckfield bypass while Cunningham had managed to reach 137mph at one point as well as almost three times the 30mph speed limit on another stretch of the road.

Oliver's crash on the B2102 Bellfarm Road in Uckfield at 9am on Sunday 18 May last year was captured by both the camera on his bike and a dashboard camera in the van that was travelling towards him.

Cunningham, 39, of Brighton Road, Horsham, and Oliver, 38, of Oakleigh Road, Horsham, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving when they appeared at Lewes Crown Court on 6 February.

Both were given an 18-month suspended prison sentence, banned from driving for four years and told to do 200 hours of community service. They were each also ordered to pay a £1,000 fine and £700 costs.


Sergeant Huw Watts, from Surrey and Sussex roads policing unit, said: "When you watch the video, it seems amazing that Oliver escaped with just minor injuries and concussion.

"If he had come off his bike just seconds later he could have gone under the wheels of the van and been seriously injured or even killed.

"Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users who usually come off worst when they are involved in a collision but this case shows how some can put themselves at risk by abusing the fact that their machines can go fast and perform stunts.

"Every road user needs to think whether they are putting themselves in unnecessary danger and what they can do to avoid a trip to hospital.

"The roads are no place for stunts or speeding."

If you see someone driving dangerously call 999. To report people driving antisocially, make a note of their vehicle details and visit Operation Crackdown.