Terms & Conditions Of Entering Brighton Half Marathon

Brighton Half Marathon 2018

Terms and Conditions of Global’s Make Some Noise:

1. I would like to take part in the Brighton Half Marathon 2019 scheduled to take place on 24th February 2019 (“the Event”) on behalf of Global Charities Limited under appeal name “Global’s’ Make Some Noise” (“GMSN”).

2. I acknowledge that to participate in the Event on a GMSN place, I must pledge to raise a minimum of £200 (two hundred pounds) in sponsorship (excluding gift aid) by 24th March 2019. I understand that I am expected to make up the shortfall myself by 24th March 2019 if applicable. 

3. Any monies raised in connection with the Brighton Half Marathon 2019 must be passed to Global’s Make Some Noise. I hereby accept full responsibility for ensuring that all sponsorship monies/donations received by me for the Brighton Half Marathon will be paid to Global’s Make Some Noise without delay.

4. I will inform Global’s Make Some Noise as soon as possible in case I suffer any injury or become aware of any other material reason which would prohibit me from taking part in the Event. 

5. I warrant that I will be at least 17 years of age on 24th February 2019 and understand the risks in taking part in this Event.

6. I know of no illness, injury or medical condition which I suffer from and which would prohibit or affect my participation in the Event and, in any case, confirm that I will seek medical advice before participating in the Event to ensure that I am in fit physical state to participate.

7. I shall not hold Global’s Make Some Noise liable for death, personal injury/damage or illness that I may suffer while participating in the Event save for where death or personal injury is caused by the negligence of Global’s Make Some Noise.

8. I am happy to allow Global’s Make Some Noise and Heart to use my name and any footage, audio or photograph(s) taken of me during the Brighton Half Marathon 2019 without further notification as part of its publications, promotion and advertising activities.