Are You A Bit Of A Diva?

Welcome to Thursday! These 4 day weeks are quite nice aren't they?

This morning we found out that Mariah Care forked out a whopping £70,000 on a flight! It wasn't for a private plane, oh no, it was to hire out the whole 1st class cabin on a BA flight just so she wouldn't be bothered by anyone. She hasn't had a song out in 5 years yet she's still able to show her diva side!

We all have a bit of a diva inside of us though don't we. Let's be honest, we all have our moments.

We asked this morning, what makes you a bit of a diva?

Tom's mum MUST have her tea in a china cup.

Tracy will NOT drink out of a plastic cup.

Carol's husband Shawn will NOT get into a car unless he sits in the front.

But the most interesting call came from Rob in Crawley.......Rob, you're bonkers! Listen to this...

What makes you a bit of a diva?

Make sure you join us tomorrow when you can hear highlights from Tom and Jack's hour and a half car journey. Seriously.

Nic xx