Hiya!! It's Wednesday!

Wednesday's are rubbish so i'd like to brighten your day with 2 lovely things.

Lovely thing number 1 - 
TOM AND HIS WIFE MAXINE HAVE HAD A BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL!!!!! Her name is Amelia, 7lbs 11oz and she's perfect. Congratulations to them both!!
Here's the moment that he broke the news to us all.
Lovely thing number 2 - 
Here is a video of a husky with his head being scratched by a head massager thing. The pleasure on his little face is enough to brighten anyone's day

Today Jack is heading out to have a 'risotto off' with Steven Edwards the Masterchef champion! Find out how he gets on tomorrow. Wonder who will win? Me and Tony are judging!! Oooooohhhh!!
Tom will be back with us tomorrow! See ya then!
Nic xx