It's the middle of the week, Wednesday and yes, it's still rainy and windy....

To brighten up your morning we played round 3 of our 'Office Winter Olympics'!

 After round 2 it was Tom - 1 Jack - 1. Oooohhhhhh!
Today was an important game, whoever wins will go in the lead!
This morning was based on the most dangerous winter Olympic sport....The ski jump!!
Now, obviously we are in a studio so an actual ski jump is pretty impossible. We don't have skis but we do have......cheese. More specifically, brie.
This morning we played......'BRIE JUMP'!!
I lined up 6 different types of cheeses and they were all hidden under tea towels, Tom and Jack then had to take a leap of faith and jump onto a cheese of their choice, the 1st person to jump on the brie (and achieve a 'Brie Jump') wins. If you missed it this morning then you have to listen to this....
So the score is now 
Tom - 1
Jack - 2!!
It's so tense!!
Make sure you listen in tomorrow from 8:20 as we'll have an update from the lovely Davina McCall and she'll be playing the big town showdown!!!!
See ya then! Nic xx