Celeb Encounters

Thursday!! Chilly isn't it? Well don't you worry, it's gonna be warm this weekend! Huzzah!!

This morning I revealed that Sam Bailey didn't get the chance to meet Beyonce when she supported her on her tour. Gutted!

We wanted to know when you've had the chance to rub shoulders with someone famous? And was it as good as you'd hoped, or was it a complete let down?

We had a call from Nicola in Lacing (nice name). She got to meets and have a chat with someone quite awesome, have a listen to this...

Celebrity Encounters

Make sure you have a listen tomorrow as i've got a little treat for one the boys. I can't reveal too much but it's something that lots of us girls have done. That's all i'm saying! Listen from 8 to find out!!


See ya then!

Nic xx