Chocolate Doesn't Make Everything Better

Hiya! It's a fresh new week and it's only 4 days long!

It's officially Easter week! Isn't that exciting!!!

Chocolate. Chocolate. I love chocolate. Chocolate in my tummy. Oh yeh. Oh yeh. Choccy choccy chocolate!!

Tom knows how much I love chocolate. I just love it so much.

But this morning I found out that chocolate does NOT make everything better.

After a butcher created a Cadburys creme scotch egg (a scotch egg with a creme egg in the middle), Tom decided it might be a good idea to let me try it. Seeing as I love chocolate. And oh my I do love chocolate.

......It was quite nice actually!

But then Tom got a bit out of control. He found some chocolate concoctions from around the globe for me to try.

You need to listen to this.......

Nicola Tries Chocolate Covered "Treats"

1. Chocolate covered beef jerky

2. Chocolate covered seaweed

3. Chocolate covered RAW ONION!!


Nicola chocolate onion


Although it hasn't put me off of chocolate for life. Nothing could ever do that. 

I love chocolate.


Join me and Tom tomorrow morning as we have more McBusted tickets up for grabs from 8:25!

Nic xx