Christmas Film Top 10!

It's Tuesday!! 1 week till Christmas eve!!!!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack revealed that their songs are ready! They were challenged yesterday to come up with their own Christmas song. They'll be heading to the recording studio today and we will play one of them on tomorrows show!!

They're getting very competitive so you know they're gonna be good!!
Also this morning Tom, Nic and Jack created a top 10. Cue the top 10 films that arn't Christmas films but can be turned into Christmas films if you add something Christmassy to the title.
Ooooohhhh we had some good'ens this morning! You are so creative when it comes to top 10 puns! Listen to this...
So make sure you tune into Heart Breakfast tomorrow as after 8 we'll be playing either Tom, Nicola or Jack's Christmas song!