Day 2 Of Save Sleeps Till Santa

It's Tuesday and day 2 of our 'Save sleeps till Santa' campaign.

So last week we announced that the boss has cancelled our festive song that we play every morning on the build up to Christmas. The kids love it! So lots of you across Sussex and Surrey are getting involved in our campaign to bring it back.

Hundreds of you are not happy with the boss at all, so Jack took it upon himself to take it one step further by revealing the bosses genuine email address live on air! 
Naughty Jack! Wonder how many emails he'll receive.
Also this morning Tom gave us some top tips on how to keep warm this winter. Jack and Nicola were having none of it.
- Drink decaf tea and coffee (apparently having caffeine makes you lose body heat)
- Don't put your hands in your pockets, swing your arms instead (well surely that'll just make you look silly!)
Make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast tomorrow so you can find out how the boss reacts to his email address being revealed!