Day 3 Of The Big Swap!

It's Day 3 of the big swap. It's Wednesday!!

Today was Nicola's turn to face the 'Gender Swap Mastermind' chair. Her manly specialist subject was given to her yesterday morning and she had 24 hours to do her homework. Her subject was PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL!
She did quite well! It seemed that her main 'go to' answers were Southampton and QPR haha but some answers she actually knew! She scored a very respectable 5 out of 10! So, she is currently drawn with Tom.
Tomorrow is Jack's turn! His womanly specialist subject was given to him on this mornings show. He has 24 hours to scrub up on his knowledge of CHICK FLICKS!
How will he get on tomorrow? Will he beat Tom and Nicola's score?
Tom headed out to Haywards Heath yesterday a photo of his female alter ego 'Tammy', to see what then men would think of her. First of all, this is what she looks like...
this is what they said
Oh poor Tom, although t be honest, he does look quite feminine!
Nicola will be heading out today to see what people think of her MALE alter ego 'Nigel'. Make sure you tune in tomorrow to listen and also keep an eye on our facebook page to see what she looks like as a man! :-/