Day 3 Of Save Sleeps Till Santa

Day 3 of the 'Save sleeps till Santa' campaign. It's Wednesday!

So as you all know, the boss decided to cancel the sleeps till Santa song that is played every morning on the build up till Christmas.

Sussex and Surrey are not happy. Tom, Nicola and Jack have received so much support in their campaign to bring it back. Posters have been spotted in windows, facebook shares and likes have gone into the thousands! Fantastic!
We even heard an announcement made by a BA pilot mid flight showing his support! Brilliant!
Emma Bunton, Peter Andre, Mark Wright and now Olly Murs are on board! Superb!
This morning was an interesting show. Yep. Jack made a decision to go on our Facebook page. He never posts on our Facebook page, it's normally Nicola that deals with that side of things. But not today, oh no!
Jack is so passionate about the 'save sleeps till Santa' campaign that he put the bosses phone number up! He even changed the password so that Nicola and Tom couldn't take the post down!
Needless to say, the boss called him into the office to have a chat with him....he was out of the studio for about 40 minutes while they had their heated discussion.
Now today, Tom, Nicola and Jack have decided to go Hollywood! That's right! If you are heading to Cineworld, Brighton tonight to go and see the new Hunger Games film then you may spot some familiar faces!
Tune in tomorrow for day 4 of the campaign. Tom has promised he wants to get the message out to the millions! What will he do?