Day 5 Of Save Sleeps Till Santa!

Day 5 of our 'Save Sleeps Till Santa' campaign! It's Friday so the last chance for us to give that final push before December starts.

This morning on Heart Breakfast Jack arrived with some chains and a padlock....yep. His plan was to chain himself to the Heart HQ front doors in protest to save the sleeps till Santa song! 

He grabbed his gear and headed out of the studio but was swiftly brought back after producer Brian received an email from the big boss Ollie. This is what it said...
While I do not appreciate or condone some of the actions you and most especially jack have gone to this week to try and prove a point I do respect your tenacity and desire to do right by our listeners.
It would also seem that I have underestimated how much “ Sleeps till Santa “ has come to mean to our audience most especially the children.
I am not a scrooge as so many have been quick to call me, I do believe in the spirit of Christmas however I will not be changing my decision and sleeps till santa will no longer be played throughout the show……….. however I am happy to say that after much thought I have decided from next week we can play “ sleeps till santa “ once per show.
From Monday up until the big day we will play it every weekday morning at 8.15.
I hope this makes everyone happy.
Merry Christmas to one and all


WE DID IT!!! Thankyou to everyone for your help and support! For sharing the poster, for spreading the word, emailing Ollie, leavimg Ollie a voicemail, everything!

Just like Xfactor, we've made a 'best bits'. Have a little listen to this and enjoy.

Tune into Heart Breakfast on Monday to hear the first Sleeps till Santa song at 8:15! HURRAY!!