Decisions Decisions Decisions

Hiya! How was your Easter? Stuffed with chocolate? Me too.

This morning was all back to normal. Jack is back after his week off, the kids are back at school after the Easter break, but one thing has changed. 

Well, we now have new computer software for our text messages here in the studio. The thing is, it'll change the way you text in to us.

You know when you normally text us, it's "82122 start your message with the word 'Hello'".......the word 'Hello' has to change.

The bosses have offered us 'chat'. Bit rubbish ey?

So we wanted your help in coming up with a new buzz word for you to text when you get in touch with the show.

Oh there were so many interesting ones that came through.

- Oi

- Howdy

- Shazam

- Bonkers

- Monkeys

Have a little listen to this.....

Heart's New Text Word

All of these ideas will be thrown to the bosses to see what they think.....could be an interesting reply.

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for St Georges Day!

Nic xx