Dog TV Puns

Hurrah for Friday!! What could be better than another weekend ahead in the Sussex and Surrey sunshine?!

It was the final day of our big competition for you to win swanky VIP tickets to SD2 Festival…the brand new one day pop festival coming to Stanmer Park, Brighton this September. It’s going to be an amazing day and if you missed your chance to win don’t panic! You can still buy tickets at

Well done to Lisa from Littlehampton who won today’s tickets and will be swanning around the VIP tent and garden on the day itself. Good work!

Also this morning Tom told us about a brand new TV channel soon to be launched in the US. It won’t be watched by kids…it won’t be watched by grown-ups…but it will be watched by your pooch. Yup Dog TV is on its way and if it takes off in the States it will soon arrive over here too. This gave Jack all the ammo he needed to play a daft Friday game…dog-pun TV! Have a listen to our favorite suggestions below...



On next week’s show we have got an AMAZING prize for you to win…a holiday in Palma, Majorca including a glamorous day on a chartered yacht. Swit swoo!! Find out all the details HERE.

Have an awesome weekend…we’ll see you Monday at 6am.