The Dreaded Rise of Energy Bills!

It's Choooooooosday!

This morning Tom, Nicola and Jack were discussing what awards they would love to win. Mr Robbie Williams won the superb Q Idol award (which is pretty darn impressive) so Tom, Nic and Jack had a little daydreaming sesh. Tom would love to win a Tony award for outstanding performance in musical theatre......maybe he'll be nominated after his panto at Christmas. Nic wants to win the rear of the year award.....yeh....and Jack would love to the Nobel Peace prize...for being peaceful. We can all dream can't we.

Also on Heart Breakfast, with the rise of energy bills hitting the headlines Jack found a statement released by the energy companies with their reasons why it's getting so pricey.
We're all going to have to layer up! Fluffy socks, hot water bottles and dressing gowns are a must this winter!
Listen to this....
It's a different show tomorrow! Jack will be coming live from Uniquely You in Hove at his very own baby shower!
Make sure you tune in as he'll be joining fellow expectant fathers for a bit of a pampering sesh and a few games!