Educational Wednesday!

Welcome to Wednesday, the day where the majority of office workers will grab a 45 minute nap whilst at their desk. How do they not get caught?!

Today was a very educational day on Heart Breakfast. Tom and Nicola started off with irony. We asked you to define the word 'irony' without using an example. Oooooooh it's tougher than you think. Here are some of the best attempts...

"Think of something that's happened. Now think of something similar that shouldn't happen. It happens and u find it funny. Ironic. Jon."

"Something amusing or odd that is the exact opposite of what would be expected or what you were expecting in a situation :-)"

Maybe the next one is correct...

"Irony is something coincidental that happens relating to what something is renowned for! Amanda from Crawley" 

Also this morning, Tom and Nic were asking for your useless facts. The little bits of random information that make others go "Oh reeeeeaaaaally?!"
Here's a list of our favourites....feel free to use them and pass them off as your own!

Did you know...

- Walkers Crisp's best before dates always end on a Saturday (Aaron in Eastbourne)
A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue! (Ernie on Facebook)
- The sound of E.T walking, is made by some pushing their hands through Jelly (Carol in Hastings)
Koalas are permanently in an alcoholic haze, due to oil from eucalyptus leaves, fermenting in their stomach (Kev) 

Now pass on the info!

Make sure you tune into Heart Breakfast tomorrow morning when you wake up, we'll be playing another round of the big town showdown! Play for the town that you live and love!