Embarrassing Dads

Ahead of Father’s Day, we were celebrating Dads and their cringey, embarrassing ways. They just can’t help themselves.

Claire on Facebook got in touch to say that she used to ask her Dad to park round the corner of her youth club so that she wasn’t seen getting dropped off…until one Friday night when he bowled into the youth club (which no parent ever did) dressed in Bermuda shorts, wellies and a flashing bow tie. Mortifying!!

Mark the Milkman told us how his Dad showed him up in front of his new girlfriend by suggesting ‘naughty ways’ he could help to keep her warm…but Mark in Goring had the best embarrassing Dad story ever! Hear it by clicking below...


Big Town Showdown

Debbie from Hastings was our player on the Big Town Showdown and my GOODNESS did she do herself proud?! She ripped through those questions in a flash and before you could say ‘Samantha in Sovereign Harbour’…she’d knocked her off the top spot with a time of 39.1 seconds. What a way to end the week. If you think you can do better register now by clicking HERE.


On Monday’s show we’ll find out whether Tom & Jack are happy with their Father’s Day haul and ‘he’ll be back’…we’ll be asking has Arnie taken it too far this time?!

Have a great weekend. See you Monday from 6am!