Fan Week!

Welcome to Chooooooooosday!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack played another round of Roll For Robbie!

Your chance to go and see Mr Robbie Williams perform live at an intimate exclusive gig that you cannot buy tickets for. The only way to be there is by listening to Heart.
This morning, Robbie rolled a 3! Whoever got to play would have to answer a Robbie related question. Huge congratulations to Amanda in Crawley! She was the 3rd listener selected after 2 previous listeners got the answer wrong! She answered the question correctly and gave a huge scream down the phone! She'll be joining a few others at the Robbie gig next Tuesday!
Are you a big Robbie Williams fan? You could be joining her as we play again on Heart Breakfast from 8am! It could be you!!!
Also, with it being fan week this week, the producer has set Tom, Nic and Jack a challenge called 'Flash Rob'.....not Flash mob, 'Flash Rob'!
Each day one of them will have to leave the radio station with a mic and get unsuspecting members of the public to join then in a rendition of a famous Robbie Williams song.
Today is Tom's turn. He opened his envelope and here is what it said...
"Tom, your challenge is that you must perform a Robbie Williams duet with someone you have never met, never spoken to and cannot see"
How do you think he will do?
Make sure you tune in from 8:15 tomorrow to find how he gets on! COME ON TOM!