Friday: An Alternative Mothers Day Show

Today was a little "Mothers Day" inspired...... But instead of getting all slushy and gooey about our mums we thought we would embarrass them instead! (and save all the lovey stuff for Sunday)

Kaz told a great story about her mum who had an argument with someone in McDonalds when she was trying to order a Whopper meal! She argued with the server for 5 minutes before the server told her they don't serve Whoppers in McDonalds! After Kaz's mum got off her soap box she agreed to a Quarter Pounder meal and slinked back off to her table. Embarrassing!!

We had a great call from a 13 year old girl called Imogen who's mum tends to dance when her friends come round! When "Footloose" comes on the CD player the music just gets her mum and she can't stop herself!

Big Town Showdown

We had Jez in Earlswood on the show today for the Big Town Showdown!

Jez is a regular player on the BTS but he was yet to play this season and today he didn't do too well :(

Jez got a few questions wrong which gave Earlswood an overall score of 93.2! This put them 5th from bottom in 29th position. Better luck next time!


Jingle Bell Ball The Script

On Monday's show Tony is still in for Tom and we have a great competition for you! Do you want to go and see The Script at the Brighton Centre? If you do then be listening next week for your chance to win!

Have a great weekend!