Friday: Jack's Love Songs CD Advert

Jack is STILL going on about money. He said that if he could win the Who's On Heart jackpot of £125,000 he would finance his recording career in L.A!

He wants to make an album of Love Songs "Jack the Lad does LOVE" 

He has made his very own advert promoting the album and he warbles along to many songs to get lovers in the mood for Valentines Day!  Hear it for yourself by clicking below...


Big Town Showdown

A big day for the Big Town Showdown today.....

We had Wayne on from the mighty Tarring and he had a super-fast round with NO questions wrong! 

He managed to topple Bognor from the top of the leader board with the new fastest score of 38.6!! Hear his round by clicking HERE.

So as it stands today the Top 5 looks like this-

1. Tarring

2. Bognor

3. Shoreham

4. Crowborough

5. Eastbourne


Have a good weekend! Tom, Kaz and Jack will be back Monday morning with all the good stuff.....Who's on Heart, Twitter Chatter, The Early Morning Quickie and more celebrity gossip than you can shake a stick at!