Friday: Panda's Arn't In The Mood For Love

So it's was a boys club on Heart Breakfast this morning as Kaz was taking a long weekend. 

You may have heard about the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo who have been flown in from China to mate. Well they get a 24 hour window in which to do it once a year and it happens to fall this weekend. Jack's not sure that it'll work though as the male panda might not be attracted to the female panda…


za za bazaar

And after Tom invited Jack to dinner but on the condition that he brought along dessert they found themselves having a bit of a debate. Tom didn't see the problem with it but Jack thought that it was really rude as he would obviously bring a gift, but it shouldn't be dictated by Tom. You told us what you thought; 

- Tom is being well cheeky. Tell him to do one. Even if you had offered to bring pudding, he should say no dont worry mate! Jack come to dinner at mine lol. Paula from Heathfield x 

- Jack mate! Get with the times, we always take pudding's when we go for a meal. And I dont even eat them! Tom is right from Sarah in framfield x 

- Tom you're quite right, when you're GOOD friends! Dinner is a reason to get together and share you're lives outside of work not for your friend to be your slave! Katy Eastbourne xx 

- Tom, take a look at yourself, bring a pudding? Does he need to bring plates and his own cutlery too? Paul in Bexhill 


If you are planning on escaping to the country this spring beware as it's a totally different was of life and it can be confusing if you're from the city. Don't worry though Jack has a "handy guide" to country getaways. 

Also we'll be asking you "What is the easiest job in the world"? 

See you Monday from 6am.