Friday: Sticking To Your Resolutions

So we're less than a week into the new year and many of us have already failed at our new years resolutions. 

If yours is to cut down on the old booze, then we've put together a handy little guide to make sure that you stay on the wagon. 


Jack told us about a medium this morning called Jemima Packington.....

She uses asparagus to predict the future and has made a few correct predictions! 

Tom, Kaz and Jack made a few predictions for 2013! Tom said he thinks one of them will win the lottery! Kaz said she thinks Cheryl Cole will get pregnant this year! And Jack thinks he will have a big lotto win AND get Cheryl Cole pregnant! Trust Jack.....

Tom, Kaz and Jack are very excited for Monday!!

Who's on Heart is back!! This is radio's biggest cash prize and someone will win £125,000!! We will be writing someone a cheque for one hundred and twenty five THOUSAND pounds! Imagine that cheque with your name on it! Listening to the radio could change your life!!!

Who's On Heart 2013

Monday's show is going to be a big one as we are playing the new "Who's on Heart" voices for the very first time!! We are also bringing back a new season of the Big Town Showdown! So tune in from 6am so you don't miss anything!

Have a great weekend!