Friday: Talking Aliens & Posh Test

So it's a well known fact that Tom is just a bit posh, but as we've been joined by Marcella from the Heart news team on the show this week (who is also cut from good cloth) we thought that we'd pit them up against each other in a "Posh Off" to find out who is the most aristocratic.

Marcella wiped the floor with Tom getting 4 out of 5 of Jack's "posh" questions right. 

So there you go, it's official that Tom isn't the poshest person here at Heart. 

brian cox attends the Celebrate Success awards

We heard about how Professor Brian Cox was banned from using his telescopic microphone to try and communicate with aliens on a new planet that has been discovered due to the BBC not knowing if what they picked up would be "suitable for broadcast". 

Luckily Jack doesn't play by the same rules, so he got is telescopic mic and pointed it up into space. You would not believe what he picked up!


Jack Wrong Number

And Jack mate another "You've got the Wrong Number Mate". He called a number at random and had to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. You can hear this weeks call & all of his previous calls by clicking here.


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