Heart Breakfast Rap Off

A familiar voice returned to the Heart Breakfast show this morning…Lynsey is back for a few weeks to keep an eye on the boys whilst a replacement is found for the lovely Kaz.

Jack introduced us to the wonders of D4nny, a truly awful teenage rapper from Birmingham who has posted a video of his latest rap on YouTube. Silly boy.

The video has gone viral but for all the wrong reasons. Jack took the opportunity to show D4nny (if he happened to be listening this morning) and the whole of Sussex and Surrey how it should be done by challenging Tom to a ‘rap off’. Here is their duel;


The resulting dual was really quite something and the listeners voted in their droves for their favourite rapper…MC Nearly Baldy (aka Tom!)

Big Town Showdown

Also this morning we had a mega-exciting round of the Big Town Showdown as Samantha from Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne smashed Karen from Crawley off the top of the leader-board with an impressive time of 41.2 seconds. Go girl! Think you can do better? Register online for your chance to play. 


On tomorrow’s show brace yourself for the weird and wonderful things people put in their mouths at the same time as we’ll be talking about bizarre food combos that make you go ‘mmmmmm!’