Heart Breakfast's Phobia Week - Clowns

It's Thursday! So close to the weekend! 

This morning was shocking and disappointing for Nicola and the majority of women across Sussex and Surrey....in 2020, the world will run out of chocolate! SERIOUSLY!! THE WORLD WILL RUN OUT OF CHOCOLATE!!! 

*Cue Nicola running out of the studio to stock up on galaxy bars*

Ladies you know what you've got to do, get in there while stocks last!

Here's the breaking chocolate news -  

What a crazy week it's been ey? Phobia week on Heart breakfast! Yesterday was Tom's turn to face his fear, now he had a few to choose from (what a wuss) snakes, small spaces or clowns.

After Tom laughing at Jack on Monday while he faced his phobia of big buildings, Jack wanted to make Tom suffer.

So he chose to scare Tom 'CLOWN STYLE'!

But to be honest after scaring Tom, Jack got a bit carried away and decided to get the whole office!

Watch this.....the funniest minute you'll spend today - 

So there was one more name left on the 'Roulette wheel of fear'......NICOLA!

Today Nicola is being taken to Drusillas Park by Tom and Jack to come face to face with her worst fear....frogs.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow after 8am to find out how she got on.