Heart Breakfast's Phobia Week - Frogs

t's Friiiiiiddddaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Boomchikkiboomchikkiboom



Cold isn't it?! It's official, summer has left us. It's gone. kaput. Zilch. Gone. Forever.....well until next year.

Tom, Nicola and Jack set up the 'Heart Breakfast end of summer helpline', for you, our listeners to leave a message for summer. Some said farewell, some boasted about the weather in other countries, some sang. Heres some of our favourite messages left on the helpline.....


It's the end of Phobia week on Heart Breakfast and there was one person left to face their fear......Nicola.

Nic has a HUGE phobia of frogs. So Tom and Jack took her to Drusillas Park yesterday to come face to face with her worst nightmare. How would she cope? Would Tom and Jack be supportive?....

Well.......watch this