Heart Breakfast's Phobia Week Mint Sauce

This morning Tom dropped himself right in it.

He owned up to something that 80% you, our listeners, thought was very sad! He went to see his hero Bear Grylls live......on his own! Thousands of others were there, but the average age was 12!......then there was Tom, sitting there on his own getting super excited the moment he spotted Bear. He actually screamed out 'HE'S THERE!!!!' Hahaha!

There are a few things that you shouldn't do on your own including going to the cinema, going out for dinner and going to the Zoo but Toms Bear Grylls moment had to be the ultimate thing you should NOT do alone!

Not a good day for Tom! 

We're nearing the end of Phobia week on Heart Breakfast! We heard Jack stand up against his fear of big buildings yesterday and this morning (after our 'Roulette wheel of fear' landed on listener yesterday) we heard Anita who works at Lemo UK face here huge fear of Mint sauce! Yep. Mint sauce!

Jack turned up to her workplace yesterday afternoon with a big bowl of the stuff!

Watch this to see how she got on....


So 'Jack' and 'Listener' have now been taken off Roulette wheel of Fear......there were just 2 names left on it..........TOM AND NICOLA!

Who would it land on today?!

It landed on...........TOM!!!

Tom has owned up to having 3 different phobias (Snakes, small spaces and clowns). Which will he face today? I tell you what, it's gonna be scary! Jack has vowed to make Tom scream like a girl after Tom laughed at his phobia on Monday. Ooooooh this could be interesting.

Make sure you listen from 8am tomorrow to find out how Tom gets on with facing one of is phobias!