Heart Breakfast's Phobia Week

Welcome back to another Monday morning.

What a beautiful weekend! Or are you starting to feel the cold already? Apparently the weekend just gone was the weekend where most of us will start our Christmas shopping. WHAT? I know!, crazy.

Tom and Jack understood, they like to get theirs done as soon as possible and if anything, they're a tad jealous of those who have already started. Nicola wasn't having it. She is trying to ban the word 'Christmas' until AT LEAST the 6th of November. She believes we should celebrate Halloween and Bonfire night first, THEN we can start talking Christmas....have a listen to this....


Now, all this week we are talking 'PHOBIAS' on Heart Breakfast! In the studio there is the 'Roulette wheel of fear' *cue spooky laugh* mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!

Each day Tom, Nic and Jack will be spinning the wheel of fear and it could either land on 'Tom, Jack, Nicola or Listener'. If it lands on 'Listener' then Jack will be heading out that day to visit a listener who has text in. He'll arrive unannounced to their workplace with their phobia in tow.

This morning the wheel was spun!..........who would it land on?............would it be Tom?.........Listener?.........NO! TODAY IT LANDED ON JACK!!!

Jack has a huge phobia of large buildings! He can't set foot into any building with high ceilings. He describes his phobia as 'that feeling when you swim under an oil rig'.

So today Tom and Nicola are taking Jack to Lancing college. Their chapel is a spectacular building towering over 200 feet tall! Will Jack manage to go inside? Find out on tomorrows show from 8am