Jack Gives Nicola A Gift/Challenge

Welcome to a less windy Tuesday.

What a day it was yesterday! Bet it was a great day for the seagulls though. Jack said he saw some along the seafront loving gliding through the breeze! 

Tony mentioned that they are slightly extending the recline on plane seats for a more comfortable journey which he thinks it totally pointless. What other pointless things are there in life?
- Wasps - suggested by Nicola, she can't stand them!
- Emmerdale - suggested by Jack......this caused a lot of disagreement in the studio this morning!
- The 'fog' signs when you're already in the fog - Tim on Facebook
- Daddy long legs - Michelle in Crawley
This morning on Heart Breakfast Jack gave Nicola a little present. What with his baby arriving soon and all the baby talk going on around the office, Jack decided to give Nicola a baby. Not a real one. One of those lifelike baby dolls which are given to students to learn about childcare which he borrowed from Hove Park school. It cries, it burps, it laughs.......mostly cries though. Nicola has to look after it for 24 hours. She'll be recording her progress throughout the day and will let Tony, Jack and you know how she got on tomorrow morning.
Good luck Nic! You're going to have your hands full that's for sure!
Tune in tomorrow to listen to how much she struggles! SHE....WILL.....STRUGGLE!