Jack Helps With Your Chocolate Cravings

It's Tuesday and what a miserably day outside!

This sort of weather makes you wanna sit indoors i your jimmy jams eating chocolate. Mmmmmmmm chocolate.

Tempting isn't it?

A nice bar of choccy.

Choccy choc chocs!


NO! We need to stop pigging out! Jack tried to help us this morning. Cue Jack's hypnotherapy! Have a listen to this...

Chocolate Hypnosis

Also this morning we came up with the 10 commandments of the Supermarket. Doing the weekly shop can be a stressful thing! But it won't if you follow these 10 commandments...

 - Thou shall not deviate from the list.

- Thou shall not shop when hungry.- Thou shall not take a trolly to the self scan till. - Thou shall not catch up with an old friend for 10 minutes in front of the Frosties.- Thou shall not talk on your phone whilst at the checkout.
- Thou shall not park in the parent and child section claiming that you are still a child at 18 years old.
- Thou shall not walk at a pace slower than 5 miles per hour. Anyone going slower should get their groceries home delivered.
- Checkout people: Thou must scan embarrassing items as quickly as possible.
- Thou must not be a parking cowboy and straddle two parking bays.
- Thou shall not eat your food before you have paid for it. 

Tomorrow make sure you tune in as Jack has something to ask of Tom which could bring their friendship to an abrupt end......Oooooohhhh
See ya then!
Nic x