Jack's Dilemma

Welcome to another Monday morning!

It's a big week for Jack the Lad! His wife is due to give birth to their 2nd son on Thursday! Jack is in a bit of a dilemma though. He is a MASSIVELY HUGE fan of Roachford and he is playing a gig on Thursday night! What to do, what to do.......

Nicola reckons he shouldn't go, he should stay at home with his wife. Yes his wife has given him permission to go but does she really mean it? What would you do?! Dilemmas Dilemmas!!!! Does Jack go and see his hero perform or does he stay and take care of his wife.
It's a toughy! But anything could change within the next 24 hours.
Also on Heart Breakfast, Tom revealed a new study has proved that people work harder whilst listening to their favourite music. What songs would be appropriate for what job?
We had such great suggestions come through including -
- Office workers - "9-5 but Dolly Parton" (Anna in Lewes)
- Sweet Shop Owners - "Candy by Robbie Williams" (Nikkie in Uckfield)
- Removal men - "I like to move it move it" WHAT A CHOON!
- Firefighters - "Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler" (Scott from Worthing)
Don't forget Tom and Nicola are treating Jack to a baby shower on Wednesday morning at Uniquely You in Hove. We're talking a full on pampering sesh! If you are an expectant father and want to join him then click here to register.