Jack's GCSE Geography Advice

It’s another big day in the world of GCSE taking…maths and biology are the subjects of the day.

As we all know Jack is a wonderfully caring and considerate man and wanted to help the students as much as possible on such a nerve-wracking and important day. He had some extremely useful advice…especially for the students taking their biology exam. You can hear it below and believe us when we say you will be all the richer for it.


On today’s Big Town Showdown Cat from Portslade was the challenger and did her very best for her favourite part of the world. Her efforts were admirable but sadly she got the last 3 questions wrong which scuppered any hopes she had of putting herself near the top of the leaderboard. She finished 18th. Hear her round below..


Dog Food

Also this morning Tom revealed to us the list of foods that we are least likely to allow past our lips. There were some pretty minging things on there with Oysters topping the list. This got us talking about the bizarre and downright freaky food combinations people enjoy…peanut butter & Oxo sandwich anyone?! A nice spoonful of marmite and raw rice even?! These were just two of the wacky treats our lovely listeners enjoy.

As a result of all this silliness on tomorrow’s show Tom, Lynsey & Jack will be given a ‘Top Gear’ style challenge. Brian the Producer has selected 3 of the rankest food combos from your texts and Facebook comments and he will dish them out to the guys in the morning to try for themselves. Yum!