Jack's Wife Tells Him Some Home Truths

One more sleep ‘til Funday Friday. Yeehah!

On the show this morning we got chatting about lunch breaks and how almost half of Brits fail to take the hour off they are entitled to everyday due to heavy workloads or simply because it’s frowned upon by bosses & colleagues. This fact got Tom more than a little worked up as he realised that we don’t take any sort of break between 5am when we arrive at work and lunchtime when we leave work. He got so upset that at precisely 7:09am this morning he declared that Heart Breakfast would officially be ‘on lunch’ for the next hour. Sadly Tommy’s resolve didn’t last long and we were back chatting on the radio in no time…well except for Jack who’d taken the opportunity to high-tail it out of the studio and was on his way to the King Alfred Leisure Centre for a swim!

Also today Lynsey revealed that more and more high-flying women are splashing the cash on cosmetic procedures to improve their man’s appearance so that he looks better on their arm. It was only right and proper that this theory be tested so Lyns called Tom & Jack’s wives to ask them what they would change about their fellas! Tom’s wife Max said she thinks Tommy could do with a little bit of transplant work on his receding hairline…and Jack’s wife Sal…well have a listen for yourself...



On tomorrow’s show we’ll be slightly delirious as the weekend gets ever closer and we’ll be asking for your creative ideas on dream drive-throughs!