Jack's Wimbledon Report

Tom, Lynsey & Jack were in an extra good mood today because the SUN IS OUT!

Tom, Lynsey & Jack were in an extra good mood today because the SUN IS OUT!

We are all bang into Wimbledon at the moment as Andy Murray’s campaign continues…go Muzza!!

Every now and then though tennis can get a little dull like when it rains and play has to stop or if a particular game has gone on and on and on. This got us thinking about how to spice things up a little at SW19. Tom suggested a bit of Benny Hill music might liven things up during their warms ups, Lyns reckons a quick game of swing ball could speed up the result of the more tedious games and Jack thinks a couple of giant tennis balls thrown into the mix could be amusing to watch! Dawn called with our favourite suggestion of the morning...during the final every time a player loses a point they should remove an item of clothing. This got Jack more than a little excited…and planted an idea in his head. Uh-oh!

Jack has been so obsessed with the tennis in fact that he actually went to Wimbledon yesterday to ask some of the questions on everybody’s lips…


Big Town Showdown

On today’s Big Town Showdown Matt in Pulborough came on to play. It turns out he is the manager of the VIP lounges at Gatwick so Jack spent most of the round trying to blag his way in when he flies to Cyprus week after next. Matt didn’t do a great job and landed himself at number 33 on the leaderboard…which is probably why Jack won’t be getting anywhere near the VIP lounge!!


On tomorrow’s show Tom will be telling us about the world’s most random vending machine and Jack will no doubt find a reason to bring up strip tennis again!