McDonalds Wedding First-Dance Song Puns

This morning Jack told us about a newlywed couple from Bristol who had their wedding reception in a rather unusual place…so wacky in fact that it got us into a nice little Monday morning game! Take a listen below...

McDonalds Wedding First-Dance Song Puns

Tom is off on his holidays this week so the steady hand of Tony Shepherd is keeping the good ship Heart Breakfast afloat!

Jack spent the weekend with Tom and his family actually as they all piled down to the New Forest for a nice weekend of fresh air and nature. Jack loves a bit of camping…especially the whole ‘back to basics’ factor. He was astonished though as he sat and watched Tom unload his fancy Land Rover which was packed to the ceiling with unnecessary items like solid silver cutlery, wine goblets, a generator and portable radiators plus 4 pairs of ‘slacks’ and a Corby trouser-press. Seriously Tommy?!

Today marked the start of the first full week of the school holidays and already parents in Sussex and Surrey are getting deafened by a chorus of ‘I’m booooored!!’. Worry not though mums & dads…all this week on Heart Breakfast you could win £350 worth of National Trust vouchers plus a Samsung digital camera. Marie from Eastbourne was today’s lucky winner and you could literally hear the relief in her voice. That’s her nippers sorted for the next 6 weeks!


You’ll have another chance to win £350 worth of National Trust vouchers and that fantastic Samsung digital camera plus we’ll be chatting about old age and how we can tell we’re nearly there!