Monday: Best & Worst Christmas Gifts

So with a week to go until Christmas Eve.......

Tom Kaz and Jack were talking "Best and Worst" Christmas gifts. Jack's dad gave him a motorbike manual which led him on a bit of a treasure hunt to the garage to find his new motorbike! Tom got a Go-Kart which was his best present ever but then he also got a gold chain which made him look like Snoop Dogg! Kaz said her Raleigh Bianca bike was her best gift but herworst was 10 pairs of awful pants from her nan which she bought in a market in Malta.

We had a great call from Jez who said when he was younger his parents bought him the action man climbing tower! It was great! But a few years later he got a pair of awful braces with pictures of beer glasses allover them! Awful....

All week as a little Christmas treat we are dipping into the music archives and playing one of Jack's songs everyday at 8.35.

Today we kicked off with "Something To Eat" which is Jack's take on the Adele smash "Someone Like You" 

When Jack was Marathon training he wasn't allowed certain foods and sausage rolls was one of them! This song pays homage to the humble sausage roll...  


On tomorrow's show we have another one of Jack's songs, The Early Morning Quickie, Twitter Chatter and we'll be talking about the how you react when you get a gift that you don't really like.

See you in the morning!